Friday, November 10, 2006

Wanderlust Has Migrated...

... to :) See you there!

Sorry Yen :D


Ok everyone, this is it. After focusing all my energies on getting my relocation into motion, and tying up lose ends, I completely forgot to migrate my blog. FYI, China used to block it, and though they've unblocked it, the situation appears to be either temporary or highly erractic. So rather than get locked out of my own blog, and since it's too late to do anything, I'll simply open a new account with LiveJournal. Will add a link once that's done! :p

Fingers Crossed!!

Re-submitting visa application at 0900hrs today!! Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Follow that Bunny!

It's amazing how the number of hits to my blog has increased due to the title of my last post. At least 40% of the visitors stumbled upon Wanderlust after googling 'certain keywords;.... :p

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Porn Star Name

You can tell how bored I am by the title alone, but I just found it so amusing I just HAD to do a little post on it. Now I'm sure almost EVERYONE knows of one version or other on how to generate your very own Porn Star name (don't question why anyone would wanna have one...) Well, the one I learnt involved the name of my first pet and my mother's maiden name. I had a pet Myna called Dicky and my mum's maiden name is Pulle... So what do we have?? DICKY PULLE!!! I still hold the record of coolest Porn Star name in the group hehehehehe.

What Do I Have To Do???

There are unseen forces that either do NOT want me in Shanghai or are making it frustratingly difficult for me to get my visa to test my determination... I'm supposed to leave this Sunday, but I am nowhere near getting my visa. :p