Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Social Calender

It's a worrying day when your friends are better clued in to your social engagements than you are :p Why am i so distracted today?!

A Foot Above Sea Level

Ok talk about mood crash... From
up in the air la la la I'm somewhere closer to the ground floor of my apartment and feeling like crap. I know perfectly well why, but it still sucks to lose the high :(

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sparkles and Rainbow Skies

I have no idea why I'm thinking of Sparkles and Rainbow Skies but that's how I've been feeling these past few days - all shiny and sparkle-y and light and colourful! It's such a great feeling! Listening to The Bird and the Bee's "Again and Again" makes me feel that way too, eventhough once you pay attention to the lyrics 'happy' really isn't the emotion I should be having :p

Had a fabulous Spanish class last night. I actually feel I'm getting somewhere!! I read 4 short passages and could understand 80% of them (new vocab aside), could even paraphrase and answer questions!! albeit rather haltingly... Went for that Spanish Design Exhibition and found that I was able to translate SOME of the information in the coffee table book they were selling with info on the pieces.

Was chirpy today that I treated myself to a nice longer than usual lunch with colleagues, then proceeded to get a foot massage!!! Of course now I pay the price of having to work at home but it was worth it! La la la!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Well sort of. Would prefer it if the air was drier but I might as well make the most of the day. After spending a couple of hours at a DimSum brunch (yum yum!!) the next hour or so was spent checking out the Shanghai Art Museum. The main aim was to check out the 300% Spanish Design exhibition which showcased the uniquely spanish designs of lamps, chairs and posters within the last century. Saw a few pieces (lamps) that would be great to replicate and have at home! Also checked out the 'Infantization' exhibition which was yummy and definitely struck a chord with me. The bright colours and style not only brought back memories of myself as a kid but also made me think of my little ones at school, which kept a smile on my face. There were several others on display but can't quite remember the names. I particularly liked a series of portrait photographs. I don't know what technique was used where at first glance you'd think it was a pencil sketch but upon closer inspection, they were really photographs. The models were well known figures such as Kate Moss & Devon Aoki but instead of glamour shots, these were raw black and white ones, that perfectly captured the emotions etched in their faces, the thoughts in their eyes...

Anyway, stepping out of the museum into the sweltering heat brought to mind visions of ice cold beer and so I promptly decided to pass up throwing a ball around with colleagues in favour of Scrabble at Cotton's accompanied by buckets of Coronas! The weekly Sunday barbecue was well underway by the time we got there, but since it was already about 5pm, I decided to dig in. At RMB88 for unlimited meat and salad, it was too good a deal to let go. Lamb chops, chicken, sausages, ribs, meat patties for burgers, and about 8 - 10 varieties of salads were enough to satisfy me for the next 3 hours. Not bad for a Sunday ;-)

A Gourmet Night Out

I can't believe just how incredibly humid the weather's gotten lately! Think Singapore on a post-rainy afternoon, and double that. There are days when you can almost see a film of fog in the air, heavy with water particles that stay on you when you walk through them. And because it's humid, no amount of shedding of clothes would ease the situation. The air still presses down and threatens to drown you in your own perspiration. And this when you're sitting and immobile!!! Not good for someone who overheats pretty easily. Thank god the nights are cooler and more bearable.

I'm just glad to note that the damn weather didn't stop me from having a fab Saturday night, despite the very real possibility of the evening not taking off at all! Armed with an invitation to a wine tasting, I'd asked JJ to come along (mainly because he would've appreciated the event much more than I). But just as I was about to leave the heavens decided that the earth needed a little washing and dumped a torrential amount of rain on us, which first of all made JJ late getting home coz of traffic, and then made it impossible to get a cab (not surprising). It was more than 45 mins into the tasting and we'd still not left the house so we decided to just skip it and treat ourselves to dinner at Finestre on the Bund (hunger pangs were beginning to set in, and there is NEVER any argument when my tummy starts grumbling). Rain stopped just as we arrived allowing us the beautiful view of the twinkling lights of the surrounding buildings from within a cupola, 11 stories up.

Dinner was awesome... We had the duck confit with salami and proscuitto ham, and a
Ceviche for starters, both of which were simply gorgeous; the meats not too salty and hence didn't leave your mouth dry (and you thirsty), and the cerviche had just the right amount of tang and sourness that complemented the oh so fresh seafood (prawns, squid and scallop.... SLURP!!) perfectly! For the main course I had skewered swordfish with courgettes. The portion was pretty generous - 5 sizeable pieces of meat and about 5 large golf ball sized courgettes. Unfortunately the swordfish came overdone and hard so we sent it back (me feeling guilty the whole time for making them do it, with JJ reprimanding me for feeling such :p I know I can be quite the idiot sometimes). Anyway the second serving came and it was delicious! Succulent and tender! No regrets with sending it back :p Had the diced strawberries in a syrup of balsamic vinegar for dessert, which was divine when followed with the white wine we were having YUMMY!!! Was so stuffed by the end of dinner
I didn't wanna move, but still managed to drag myself about a block to De La Coast for an after-dinner cocktail (BELLINIS!!!) It wasn't very cold though, which marred the taste a little but what the hell, the view made up for it. ;-)


De La Coast

Sunday, June 17, 2007

When Two Become One

After telling my sis that Y will be tying the knot next year, (which is so bloody exciting!!!) she's gone into hyper excitable mode and is now trying to plan MY wedding - doesn't matter that I have yet to have someone actually propose to me first. She's even on the lookout for 'suitable gardens in MELBOURNE' (because she says so and also so that she wouldn't have to fly anywhere else... THE CHEEK!) in which to hold the ceremony, and she's even decided on the PHOTOGRAPHER! (her other half :p). I swear if I ever do get married, I probably won't EVER have to lift a finger... she'll handle all the planning and all I have to do is agree or disagree. It's not that bad an idea actually. hahahha

Wining & Dining

These few days are gonna revolve around a string of sinful dinners - every single night from this past Friday till Tuesday, because E is up for a holiday from Singapore! And Wednesday is ladies night out at Magnolia with the mums from the school. They're a pretty funky bunch. So Friday was Shanghainese, Saturday was All-you-can-eat-all-you-can-drink Japanese (hence my previous post). Tonight will see us up high above the city over looking the Huangpu River - dinner on the Bund. Not picked a restaurant yet though... I've been given that task :p We'll see what happens...

To Sake!

The great thing about sake is that it doesn't give you a hangover. Well, I have yet to experience it anyway... But like any alcohol, it forces me awake by the ungodly hour of 0530 on Sunday... I really shouldn't complain though, I had copious amounts of it and apart from still feeling a little drunk, I'm perfectly fine! Sake rocks! Especially when you're allowed unlimited amounts hehehehhe

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Over-Enthusiastic and Just Plain Silly

My 2pm class got canceled so guess what i did... I RACED down to the field for a spot of gaelic football. Unfortunately, because I was kinda late, I didn't stretch all that much and of course paid for it during the drills when I strained both my thigh muscles :p So I'm now reduced to a hobbling granny Arrrghhhh!! And I'm supposed to go clubbing tonight! Phooey!

Bruised Ego

I'd always known that I can be kinda stubborn and that I have a pretty sizable ego, but no one had ever really pointed it out to me save J. until a couple of weeks ago. Eversince I'd gotten a job I'd very often insisted on paying for whatever I bought, especially meals, or I'd at least split the bill. (The guys didn't always have a say in the matter unless it was a date of course).

Met a potential buddy for dinner, and (embarraisingly enough) only had 200RMB in my purse as I'd forgotten to get more before meeting him. Now because this was a friendly dinner we were gonna go dutch, no doubt about that, but couldn't that day, so we agreed that I'll get the next round. Unfortunately, he got the next dinner as well and I actually got annoyed and blurted out "I'm quite capable of getting a dinner!". I know, I know, any girl would smack me on the head and say "WHAT YOU ON ABOUT?? LET HIM PAY!!!" But I can't! There's this voice in my head that keeps telling me that I'm independent I can spend my money anyway I choose to, and goddamit I can buy dinner once in awhile if I feel like it! I don't need no guy to be flashing his credit card around. Friend of mine insisted that this is all due to the whole feminist thinking but seriously, it's not about that. I just hate being treated or thought like I can't manage by myself. Maybe I'm just over reacting :p Oh bleh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Effects of Working Out

As expected I am now one giant mass of aching muscle... but it's a good thing, it makes me feel that I've thoroughly worked my body. The not so good thing about last night was that fact that I ate an entire 10 inch pizza and a lasagna when I got home :p Training aside, the girls in the team are lovely! They were warm and welcoming, and very encouraging, which means I'm now doubly motivated to attend trainings. YAY! Tomorrow would be fitness training so there's gonna be lotsa running around. It's a real shame I can't make Saturdays. Would love to get at least 2 trainings that involve playing the actual game! I could learn so much more from it than from just drills. Oh well, gonna have to make do with what I can get.

*on a side note, one of my colleagues has suggested I drop by whenever he and his friends get together for some American football to throw the ball around a little, AND a bunch of us are making it a point to go rock climbing on Sundays! I can just see those muscles toning up!*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Footie 2

So, just had my first ever Gaelic Football training and I had A BLAST! It's so much fun, and it's great to be able to run around and play strategy again. Despite never having kicked a football before, nor was any good at volleyball (two skills that you need in Gaelic), I thought I did quite well for my first day. My previous experience in field hockey and netball helped ALOT in terms of positioning and catching. But i tend to freeze when I get the ball coz instinct tells me to pass the ball netball style when I should be passing volleyball style or kicking it :p But I know I'll get there! :D Anyway, great 2-hour run-around and I'm soooooooooooooooooo gonna ache tomorrow! :S

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let's Do It!

I don't know why, but lately I've been so inspired and motivated to get all sorts of things done! Getting back into sports (as I'd mentioned in my previous post), getting my PADI license, buying a bike to get around and thinking about LASIK so that I wouldn't have to fuss with my glasses and keep trying (in vain) to source for that PARTICULAR brand of contacts that I can wear enough without my eyes drying out. I want to do them ALL NOW!!

*there's also a field hockey club that I would love to join, but they only train on Sat, the day I have to work.... so no can do... DRAT!*

Playing Footie!

After months of being idle and bemoaning my lack of physical activity, salvation has just been delivered to me in the form of Gaelic Football! A game that to me, seems to be a cross between football & rugby and a smidgen of volleyball. A most unusual but highly interesting game! Went down to the field today with an existing player to have a look see and I was thrilled to see how fun it is! So starting Tuesday evening, I'm gonna be down on that field doing the drills and getting down and dirty, not to mention sweaty. The great thing is, the team plays in tournaments as well, and they'll be going to Singapore in about 2 weeks to compete. I'm gonna train for the September one in Dali! How exciting! Time to get kitted out! with proper boots and sports attire! The club also has a touch rugby team, a contact rugby team as well as an Ultimate frisbee team! Unfotunately, due to the fact I work on Saturdays (and most of the trainings are on Sat), I have to be content to settle for one, even though touch rugby does interest me! The scary thing is I'm so out of shape and my stamina shot to shit, it's gonna take me awhile to be able to last long out there... we play 7 a-side instead of 9, on a standard sized football field! :s Good luck to me!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cool shot of the month!

To Living Life the Way I Want to...

Damn I'd forgotten how great it is to know someone who not only gets excited about the same stuff I do - like flying a kite and messing around in the kitchen, or loading up on flowers and playing board games, but also enjoys trying their hand at something new! FUN FUN FUN!!!