Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bon Voyage Boss!

Big shocker at work today... it was announced that the head of our centre has decided to move back to Singapore. Her reasons were that her job here is done, the centre is up and running, everything is in place, the students are pouring in... it's time she went back to be with her family. In a way I'm happy for her, to be able to go back to her life back home. But at the same time i feel like I'm losing a friend more than a colleague. She'd been a huge help in getting me settled here. Taking C. and I out, introducing us to all the cool restaurants, giving us survival tips... While others were wishing her the best of luck, i think i was still in denial. I never expected such a move on her part. She's one of the closest friends I have here n to have her go is a pretty big blow. But such is life, n I HAVE been warned time n time again, Shanghai IS a transient city. People come and people go... it's just how it is. Oh well, I wish her the best of luck and a million hugs for being such a wonderful friend.

*just confirmed that she's going back to settle down!! YAY! So thrilled for her!!*

Monday, March 26, 2007

Winter Weight?

For someone who's always been struggling with her weight, hovering somewhere between 49 - 50kgs and trying hard to put on a few more, it came as a pleasant surprise when I realised I'd piled on 4 kilos in the 3 months that I'd been in Shanghai. Last night, approx. 4.5 months after my move, I found out that I've now hit a record high of 57kgs. While absolutely thrilled, I'm now starting to have a niggling fear of how fast I'd managed to gain all that. I mean 7 kgs in 4.5 months is pretty quick. And I'm not doing any more sports. I'm kinda hoping that this is all winter weight and I'll more or less stabilise once summer arrives. I doubt it though :s

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To the Good People of Shanghai

Well there ARE still good people in the world. After my handphone got nicked (well I left it in a cab) I figured I shouldn't bother hoping to ever see my handbag again. But I was proven wrong this evening when a bloke buzzed me on my intercom saying he had my bag. You see it'd somehow went missing on Sat when I was distracted by a friend whilst collecting my stuff from the cloak room. The next thing I knew, neither of my 2 friends had my bag and one actually thought she saw some girl walk away with it!!! I amazingly didn't get upset though that was probably coz the most valuable item in it was my Residence Permit... nothing major :p. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I got it back! Whopppeeee!!!! Thank you good people of the world!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beware My Wrong Side

I've always been a pretty easy going person, always accepting of people even if they DO have annoying habits. Bu as I've mentioned before, I've become less patient and less tolerant of people and their weirdness (of which we all harbour somewhere within us)... But I recently realised how strong a reaction I can have towards a someone if he EVER has the misfortune of getting on my WRONG SIDE. It's quite scary, this dark side of mine. I'm surprised at actually how unforgiving I can be, and there's nothing, NOTHING, that person can do to get back on my Good Side... I can try concentrating on all his good qualities; keep telling myself that he's a decent person; he can do the sweetest things, tell the funniest stories, but I will not be able to appreciate them anymore.
The funny thing is, I still can't quite say what exactly it is that will push me over the edge. It can be a one-off incident that doesn't even have to necessarily happen to me and pfffft.... Bye-bye to any prospect of the friendshihp progressing any farther.

For example, the lastest addition to my Black Book is a friend who, under the influence of alcohol, gave some girl (a girl I didn't even know) a hard time at a house party we'd attended. And yes, he went straight from Good Side to Wrong Side. It was absolute torture pretending to be all nice and friendly when all I wanted to do was have a permanent barrier between us. I couldn't look at him, couldn't flash a genuine smile, had to crack my head for topics to talk about... I felt like such a hypocrite! But what could I do?! He came to Shanghai to pay me visit and I'd offered him a place to stay. I couldn't bear to ruin his 10-day holiday... and this happened on day 4 :p Needless to say I was glad to see him go...

Now that I've come to terms with MY weirdness, I wonder how many people out there suffer this same affliction. And more importantly, Why do I react this way??