Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Domesticating Prissie

I can't belive how domesticated I've become!! Instead of spending a bulk of my money on cover charges and alcohol like I used to, I fantasise about having a perfectly equipped kitchen and then splurge on cooking utensils and herbs and spices at IKEA and Carrefour :p It makes me happy to see my fridge well stocked and I'm excited at the thought of grocery shopping! I try to find ANY excuse to cook, to the point of inviting people I met like twice, over for dinner :p I want to grill and bake and host dinner parties (as long as there's someone willing to wash up for me :p I ABHOR that bit, which is why I'm very glad for the system C and I have, where I cook and she cleans up hehehehehe) and now that J is coming down, I'll have even more reason to be in the kitchen! What joy! It's also a bonus that he doesn't mind doing the dishes. woohoo! Can't waaaaaaaaaaait!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Virtual Stalking?

I've recently found out something scary about myself... I'm capable of stalking... well virtual stalking... It's amazing what sutff you can dig up on a person on Google! Arrrghhh!! I'm a wierdo!!! I think I should do myself a favour and stick to safer stalking habits like Google that hottie David with the oh so gorgeous eyes from El Canto del Loco and use his pic as my wallpaper!! Or I could do something a little more productive like start my Spanish again :p

Merry Christmas!

Ok I've become lazy about blogging again... I've got a couple of posts in my drafts folder but it takes too much to write down my thoughts, so for now, I'll settle for commentaries... :p

Christmas Day is pretty quiet, something I'm quite glad for. (Woke up late so missed Christmas Mass :p) Had an exquisitly prepared homecooked Italian dinner last night of spaghetti vongole (I love spaghetti vongole!!), grilled peppers with anchovies in olive oil, bellinis topped with caviar, parma ham with parmesan cheese, and roast beed and potatoes, and strawberries, longans, grapes and mini Mandarins to finish off, or and a peach cake C and I picked up at Bread Talk. (Good ol Bread Talk).

The most exciting piece of news at this point is that J will be arriving on the 29th to spend New Year's here!! He'll only stay for a week but ex or not, it's still great to have a familiar someone with you, especially when you've spent 2 New Years in a row with that person and had an absolute blast both times hhehehehehe... I have to start doing my homework and check out the happening places to be at on the 31st, or he'll never forgive me :p

Ok I'm not gonna bury myself under the covers and catch up on some sleep. :p Good night!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Widening the Social Circle

So it's been a month, and I'm still working on expanding my social circle. There are a few whom I meet sorta regularly, (meaning we've been out together more than twice) and I've just 'made contact' with 3 others over MSN today... all thanks to The Hospitality Club... I'm slowly getting a life :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Dangers of Shanghai - Massages

While a 1-hour massage in Singapore would cost me S$100+, a 1-hour full body oil massage costs about S$30 here... and that's slightly high-end, you can get a full body 1-hour massage for S$10. And it's sooooooooooooo relaxing i want to go every week! Everyday if I could. But that would be far too indulgant and bordering on obsession. Aarrrghhh!!! Must resist!

The Dangers of Shanghai - Food

The little taster I posted earlier doesn't even come close to the various other cuisine's I've had the luxury of stuffing my face with... I'VE PUT ON 2 KGS!!! IN ONE MONTH!!! I'm doooooooooooooooomed!!! Here are a few more...


And the Rolls of Beef that Go Into the Pot

And most importantly, the FREE BEERS that come with the meal! Note the label...

Sigh I need to seriously start exercising...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gastronomical Delights!

But of course! What's an adventure without food!! Whoever told me that food here is either bland, too salty or too oily must either have over stimulated taste-buds or just didn't know where to eat. The authentic Sze Chuan food is to die for! Your lips literally die from the numbing spiciness thanks to a particular innocent looking pepper that the cuisine is loaded with).

One of my gastronomical highlights was a trip to a fish market on Tongchuan Road, about 45 mins out of Shanghai city centre. Stalls upon stalls of fishermen offering their LIVE catch. You can take your pick of shellfish, crabs, lobster, octopus and lord knows what else, give your purchases to one of the many restaurants nearby and get them to whip up a sumptious meal for a fraction of the price of what you'd pay in Singapore.

Can't wait for more stuff!!


1st Dec 2006

Anyway, I've been here 19 days now and so much has happened already! I don't know how I'm gonna bring all you guys up to speed. I guess I'll just start blogging from today and fit in bits and peices of the previous 19 days as I go along. Met up with a friend who'd been here for the past 6 months or so (and is therfore well into the clubbing scene) last night and was taken to an underground-hole-in-the-wall joint that played rocking music and sold S$2 bottles of beer. It was heaven. There was a nice mix of locals and lao wai's and had none of the flashy I'm-here-to-see-and-be-seen feel about the place. People were friendly and pretty easy to get along with. But great as that may be, I realise that you're more often than not gonna end up with more acquaintances than you would friends. To many, myself included, the 18.7 million population cosmoliton city is one of THE places to be. It's opening up, foreign investment is flooding in and everyone wants a piece of the action; from the CEOs with big fat expat packages, to those who come with nothing but a suitcase of clothes, and a tote-bag full of dreams. They are in very different fields with one thing in common - most don't stay for long. People come people go. You meet someone in a bar one day and next week he's left the country for good. It's a tough place for the heart. But, I'm not gonna let that bug me for now. There's still so much to see and explore, many people to meet. So gonna enjoy it while I can. ;)


After a month in limbo, and switching from one domain to another, I'm back! And with such a simple solution. So simple I wanna kick myself. Mozilla can't access the site but IE can! And I just didn't think to check! So delete WordPress and LiveJournal from your links and reinstate WANDERLUST!!! Woo hoo!!!!

PS: The next 2 posts are backdated...